15th June 2004

This is extremely irritating, but unfortunately necessary.
9:58 am
Mood: annoyed

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10th June 2004

3:41 pm
Mood: busy

still working hard here in |Sg| land. we've pretty much got one new client nailed down at this point. they want to work with us for sure, and we're in the process of negotiating the contract. we're very excited about the project, and hopefully we'll get the up-front deposit soon so we can get started. will post more about the project when we know something.

my car is in the shop today, having the clutch replaced (a design flaw apparently common to many 2003 imprezas), so we're stuck at home. i've been working on moving one client's site from ben's old server to our current server. they have a pretty big store, so the move is complicated. there are config files that need to be updated, and everything has to throughly tested before we can make the actual, final launch. going well, though, and i don't foresee a lot of problems.

ergh. thunderstorm coming on outside. should probably shut down until it passes.

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5th June 2004

p of a <3
12:34 am
Mood: happy

just got back from prisoner of azkaban. excellent, excellent, jolly good. woulda caught a midnight show, but mom wanted to go for her birthday, which was yesterday. so we waited to celebrate until today, cooked her dinner, and took her to see the 9:40. this is the first one she's actually seen at the theater, and she really enjoyed it.

good news on the work front. we got a contact from someone we've worked with before who wants a redesign. good client. ben has a meeting with the guy on tuesday. very excited about that.

meeting burningblues for an early dinner tomorrow before he heads off to grad school in NYC. can't wait to see the boy. i've missed him.

free weekend ahead. i'm looking forward to some relaxation, movies and video games.

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29th May 2004

oh my.
8:33 pm
Mood: indescribable

just finished reading an ARC of the dark tower vi: song of susannah and, holy shit.

this series is so amazing. can't wait for the next (and final) book. desperate to sound how things turn out, but at the same time sad to see it end. when you've been with characters so long, it's hard to let go.

if anyone else would like to read i, get up with me. (note: if you haven't read the other books, do yourself a favor and read the others first.)

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22nd May 2004

good news in the midst of hangover-iness
1:16 pm
Mood: okay

urgh. just finished lunch and am watching a documentary about vegas on a&e until time to leave for the movies. we're taking gannon to see shrek 2, an experiment that may or may not pan out, since gannon's attention span is pretty short. there's a good possibility he won't sit through it. but we'll see. have a slight hangover, however, from sitting up last night doing tequila shots and playing magic, so i'm not exactly loving the idea of sitting in a movie theater full of screaming kids for ninety minutes.

on the up side, we just got an email inquiry from our site! hopefully this will lead to a new contract. very excited about this. *dances* :)

while playing magic and drinking last night, we also watched habit, a non-traditional, head-trippy sort of vampire flick. it was cool and interesting and indie. we liked.

walking down to bahama mama now for an icee.

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